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Dear Customer,


On the 5th of August, Gili and Lombok were struck by a 7.0 earthquake. By order of the government the Gili Islands had to be evacuated to nearby Lombok and Bali. 

One week after the devastating earthquake we are finally able to update you on the situation.


Situation in Gili and Lombok:  


We are happy to announce that all our staff and managers are safe and have managed to relocate to Lombok or Bali. 


Most of our staff are originally from North Lombok which is the part that has suffered the most during the earthquake. Almost all of them have seen their house totally disappear, destroyed flat to the ground. Some have been injured and others have even lost family members. 

Our staff, having nowhere to live, have set up makeshift camps in their villages and are sleeping in tents. 


For the past week, we have been focusing in helping our staff as much as we can. We managed to transfer them some money for them to get food and water for the first days. As the situation went on we organised deliveries of tents, clothes, generators and other supplies. Thanks to some generous donations we were able to immensely help many families and villages from North Lombok. 

We are still in need of donations to help these people rebuild their lives - if you would like to donate please send us an email to lafavelagili@gmail.com.





If you had a booking to stay with us between the 6th and 31st of August, we are offering our customers 2 options:


- Option A: donate part or all of the money from your booking to our staff and the Lombok people. We will make sure they can keep their jobs and help them with the rebuilding process. 


- Option B: cancel your booking through your original booking platform and send us an email. We will refund your money within the next 3 months. 


We recommend our guests that wish to cancel to check with your travel insurance as they may reimburse the loss of money from your trip. 


For bookings to stay with us from the 1st of September and onwards, we will be open and operating normally.


We will be responding to your emails and messages as soon as we can. 


Thanks for your understanding and support.


Best regards,


La Favela Gili Team