How to get to Gili Trawangan

Here we explain you the easiest, cheapest, fastest ways to get to this paradise island

By Fast Boat from Bali

There are a few ways of getting from Bali to Gili Trawangan, the most popular and easiest is by fast boat. Most fast boats depart from Bali Padang Bai Harbour but others from Serangan Harbour (South of Bali) and others from Amed. Your choice should depend on a couple of factors: where you are departing from and how long you want to spend on the boat rather than on the road. Boats departing from Padang Bai will have a shorter crossing than boats departing from Serangan harbour, but the drive to the harbour at Padang Bai could be much longer if you are staying in Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta or South of Bali.

The companies that we recommend to our customers have been proven reliable, with bigger boats and good safety standards. If you would like the biggest boat check Patagonia Express, this a brand new boat with air conditioning, movies on board and good service. The other company at similar price is Eka Jaya, is the second biggest boat that comes to Gili Trawangan, also with air conditioning and movies on board. Both of these companies will charge you around 350.000 - 450.000 rupiahs one way. If you would like to book return trip you could save some valuable rupiahs. You can get a return trip, with an open return date ticket for around 650.000 - 750.000.

There are 2 more companies that we really like, offering great comfort and good customer service, but this comes at a little higher price, this companies are Blue Water Express and Gili Getaway.

To book your tickets is very easy, they sell them literally everywhere around Bali, you will see this little tourist information booths on the most popular streets of Bali. You should be aware that they will try to put you on any boat available, but please be clear which boat company you really want, the pick up from your hotel is normally included in the price, but just double check before you buy it.

The time to cross from Bali to Gili Trawangan on the boat will depend on where you are departing from, if you leave from Padang Bai it will take you approximately one and a half hours, but if you depart from Serangan it can take a bit longer as the harbour is further to the south, and normally they would stop anyway in Padang Bai to pick up some more customers.

By Slow Ferry from Padang Bai, Bali.

You can try this option if you want to save money! Instead of using a fast boat, you can go to Padang Bai and hop on the public ferry for only 40.000 rupiahs, the ferry takes 4 to 5 hours to cross to Lombok, and will leave you at Lembar (South Lombok), then you will have to take a taxi for around 200.000 rupiahs that will take you to Bangsal harbour (North Lombok) that’s a 2 hours ride, and finally a 25 min public boat for 15.000 rupiahs to cross to Gili Trawangan.

Be aware you should get to Bangsal before 5pm, otherwise you will have to take a private boat that could cost you around 75.000 instead of 15.000.

We do not recommend this option as you waste the whole day travelling, and you will save like 150.000 or 200.000 rupiahs max compared to the fast boat option. Use it only if you want to save some money (and even then I would think about it twice, is a looooong journey)

By plane

If you do not want to take a boat, and instead you decide to fly, you could buy a plane ticket from anywhere in Indonesia to the Lombok international airport located in Praya (South Lombok), from there you can get a taxi that takes you to Bangsal harbour, the price for the taxi should be around 300.000 rupiahs. Once in Bangsal you buy a public boat ticket to trawangan for 15.000 rupiahs, and you will be there in 25 minutes.

The plane ticket could cost you from Bali around 450.000, there are 2 companies, Garuda and Lion Air. We recommend Garuda, slightly more expensive but better service and normally on time.

Be aware you should get to Bangsal before 5pm, otherwise you will have to take a private boat that could cost you around 75.000 instead of 15.000.

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